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Астан 2*

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Общие: телефон — +7 968 300 55 77 , сайт — http://hotel-astan-abhazija-gagra.ru , год постройки — 2017 г. , на ресепшен по запросу — фен, электрочайник, чайная посуда , сейф на ресепшен
Пляж: городской песчано-галечный , около 600 м по ступенькам или около 800 м по дорожке
Типы питания в отеле: в отеле есть столовая

Отзывы об отеле Астан 2*

16.06.2021, Татьяна Волкова
Замечательное местечко с божественными видами! Небольшой подогреваемый бассейн, сауна работает целый день, готовят оооочень вкусную форель и сёмгу на углях! Прям очень. В номерах теплые полы, новая мебель, вполне удобные матрасы (но не во всех номерах- мы снимали 2 номера: в одном были удобные, во втором нет). Прямо в отеле можно купить бутылочное вино по ценам магазинов внизу (Лыхны и иже с ними 250 р, игристое шампанское 280 р) Для кого-то минусом может стать расположение на горе и 116 ступеней наверх. Для нас это было плюсом. Из существенных минусов- отсутствие полноразмерного зеркала в номере (зеркало только в ванной) и шкафа для одежды. Очень советую этот отель. Соотношение цена-качество класс
16.06.2021, Татьяна Волкова
A wonderful place with divine views! A small heated pool, the sauna works all day, they cook sooooo delicious trout and salmon on the coals! Very straightforward. The rooms have warm floors, new furniture, quite comfortable mattresses (but not in all rooms - we rented 2 rooms: one was comfortable, the other was not). Directly at the hotel you can buy bottled wine at the prices of the shops below (Lykhny and others like them 250 r, sparkling champagne 280 r) For some, the disadvantage may be the location on the mountain and 116 steps up. It was a plus for us. Of the significant disadvantages is the lack of a full-size mirror in the room (mirror only in the bathroom) and a wardrobe. I highly recommend this hotel. Value for money class
15.06.2021, Василина Никулина
The biggest plus of this hotel is of course the VIEW! For this and the stars. The pool is warm, there is a steam room. Even if the weather is cool and the sea is cold, as it was in my case, thanks to the pool. The hotel is relatively new when compared to what others are offering for the same price. And now to the main thing! Boorish behavior of the hotel owner. I was resting alone and tell a young girl in the evening, if you don't like it, take the money and leave it was beyond all my expectations !!! Bravo, I think no one will ever come to you after such hospitality. The bed was changed for me on the 5th day of my stay, and then, after I had already begun to be indignant, that one day they did not even deign to fill it. Imagine my surprise when I returned from the excursion in the evening. And at the reception, they answered my discontent that I was a girl and I was able to fill it myself. They will still fill it after me) vooot) Do you want an awesome view of the sea, mountains and just sit with a glass of wine at sunset, you are here. But don't forget that there is no service here. They can also offend if you demand it)
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